Isle of Dogs (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Free

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Isle of Dogs (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Free

Movie Overview

In a dystopian near-future Japan, a dog-flu virus spreads throughout the canine population. The new authoritarian mayor of Megasaki City, Kobayashi, signs a decree banishing all dogs to Trash Island, despite a scientist named Professor Watanabe insisting he is close to finding a cure. The first dog to be banished is Spots, who belonged to Atari Kobayashi, the orphaned nephew and ward of the mayor.

Six months later, Atari steals a plane and flies to Trash Island in hopes of finding Spots. After a crash-landing, he is rescued by five dogs: Rex, King, Duke, Boss, and Chief. They decide to help Atari locate Spots, although Chief, a former stray, is reluctant to fraternize with humans. Initially believing Spots died months earlier when his cage failed to open upon arrival, the dogs soon learn there was a mixup, and that Spots may still be alive. After a skirmish with a rescue team sent by Kobayashi to retrieve Atari, and at the insistence of a female purebreed named Nutmeg, Chief reluctantly decides to accompany Atari and company on their search. They seek advice from two sage dogs Jupiter and Oracle, who inform them of a rumored cannibal tribe of dogs on an isolated part of the island.

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Isle of Dogs (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Free

Starring – Bryan Cranston, Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton
Director – Wes Anderson
Genre – Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Country – USA
Language – English

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