The Emoji Movie 2017 English HDCAM – 700MB

The Emoji Movie 2017 English HDCAM – 700MB . Download The Emoji Movie 2017 English HDCAM – 700MB Free with Single Click High Speed Downloading Platform. HDMoviesHall.Com

The Emoji Movie 2017 English HDCAM – 700MB

Movie Overview

Gene is an emoji that lives in Textopolis, a digital city inside the phone of his user Alex. He is the son of two meh emojis named Mel and Mary, and is able to make multiple expressions despite his parents’ upbringing. His parents are hesitant of him going to work, but Gene insists so that he can feel useful. Upon receiving a text from his crush Addie, Alex decides to send her an emoji. When Gene is selected, he panics, makes a panicked expression, and wrecks the text center. Gene is called in by Smiler, a smiley emoji and leader of the text center, who concludes that Gene is a “malfunction” and therefore must be deleted. Gene is chased by bots, but is rescued by Hi-5, a once popular emoji who has since lost his fame due to lack of use. He tells Gene that he can be fixed if they find a hacker, and Hi-5 accompanies him so that he can reclaim his fame.

Smiler sends more bots to look for Gene when she finds out that he has left Textopolis, as his actions have caused Alex to think that his phone needs to be fixed. Gene and Hi-5 come to a piracy app where they meet a hacker emoji named Jailbreak, who wants to reach Dropbox so that she can live in the cloud. The trio is attacked by Smiler’s bots, but manage to escape into the game Candy Crush. Jailbreak reveals that Gene can be fixed in the cloud, and the group goes off into the Just Dance app. While there, Jailbreak is revealed to be a princess emoji who fled home after tiring of being stereotyped. They are once again attacked by bots, and their actions cause Alex to delete the Just Dance app. Gene and Jailbreak escape, but Hi-5 is taken along with the app and ends up in the trash.

Movie Features

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The Emoji Movie 2017 English HDCAM – 700MB

Name: The Emoji Movie (2017)
Quality: HDCAM
Size: 815MB
Language: English
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Released Date: 28 July 2017 (USA)

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